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Back To School Bash 2020 Online

 Registration is closed for this event

This tournament will be held on, and players can register a free chess account to participate. There are two formats for this tournament: Two Swiss Sections and Two Arena Sections. If it is determined that those players are too experienced for their desired section, the tournament director will place players into appropriate sections. 


Players should select the appropriate section according to the following guidelines:


K-12 Open G/30 - 5 rounds 

(Designed for players with advanced tournament experience and high ratings)


K-6 Open G/30 - 5 rounds 

(Designed for players with intermediate tournament experience and/or those who would like to play against others nearer to their age group)


Rook Arena - G/15 - 90-minute run time 

(Designed for players who have played tournaments and have higher ratings but want a shorter time commitment) (Maximum Lichess Rating 1400)


Pawn Arena - G/10 - 60-minute run time

(Designed for players who are beginners to tournament chess and want to learn what the tournament experience is like) (Maximum Lichess Rating 800)



For each section the top three players by total points will be awarded a free online chess lesson by the Grandmaster in Residence from the Saint Louis Chess Club. The top female finisher in each section will receive a Grandmaster Lesson.

Honest and fair play is required for players to receive prizes. This tournament is not US Chess rated but will affect your rating.


September 26th, 2020 12:05 PM   through   6:00 PM
United States
Phone: (314) 669-5010

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