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The Road to 2000 Livestream Tourney (Online)

NM Caleb Denby will host "The Road to 2000 Livestream Tourney," a online tournament on!



  • 7 Rounds
  • G/3  


  • Must join STLCC's group "Saint Louis Chess Club" to participate:
  • All players urged to join our group at least one day before the event
  • All players recommended to play on a computer or laptop

Rounds & Pairings:

  • Round 1 starts at 6:15 PM U.​S.​A.​ Central time
  • All players should join the tournament 15 minutes before Round 1
  • will handle all pairings and rulings
  • TD will only step in if there is a Fair Play incident


  • Gold Medal--Lesson with NM Caleb Denby via Skype and Free Entry into "Play Like A Champion Today" (online) on 2/17
  • Silver Medal--Free Entry into "Play Like A Champion Today" (online) on 2/17
  • Bronze Medal--Free Entry into the "Play Like A Champion Today" (online) on 2/17
  • All players are entered into a Raffle (held on 2/17) for Free 1 Hour GM Lesson via Skype


January 13th, 2021 6:00 PM   through   7:00 PM
Online -
United States
Phone: (314) 361-2437

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