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Photo Consent Agreement

1. I grant Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis (“SLCC”) permission to make photographic, sound, and/or audio-visual recordings of me, my performance, my statements, and/or any other contribution (“Recording”) in connection with my participation in SLCC’s digital classrooms (the “Program”). I hereby grant to SLCC (including its agents, licensees, successors, and assigns) the absolute right and permission, but not the obligation, to use, record, copyright, publicly perform and display, copy, distribute, and prepare derivative works based on the Recording, including my name, voice, image, and likeness, or any material based upon or derived therefrom, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter created, in connection with the Program.

2. I understand that SLCC intends to make the Program accessible only to SLCC personnel and other participants in the Program, and intends to record the Program for internal use, including without limitation quality assurance. SLCC may utilize digital classroom and other technology service providers in its sole discretion. SLCC will not be held liable for any data or other security breach related to the Program.

3. I agree that any Recording of me, or anything derived therefrom or created by SLCC and/or the licensed parties is owned by them, and may be incorporated into and/or used in connection with the Program and the reproduction, distribution, public performance and display, preparation of derivative works based upon, marketing, promotion, and/or other exploitation of the Program in any medium now known or hereafter created, in perpetuity throughout the universe, whether or not SLCC is compensated for such exploitation. I further agree that SLCC may use my name, voice and likeness. SLCC may add or subtract from the Recording as used in the Program. If I should receive any print, negative, or other copy, I will not authorize its use by anyone else.

4. I further warrant that use of my contribution will not result in liability to SLCC for any claims of copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, unfair competition or defamation, or other statutory, regulatory, or other privacy protection provision; and, further agree to indemnify and hold harmless SLCC, its agents, employees and licensees from expenses and damages arising out of any such claim. I shall have no right of approval, no claim to additional compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based upon copyright, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, unfair competition or defamation) arising out of any use, alteration, distortion, or illusionary effect or use in any composite form.

5. I agree that this release does not in any way conflict with any existing commitment on my part.