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Mound City Classic 2024

 Registration is closed for this event
Mound City Classic 2024 will be hosted in March 2024 at Mason Elementary School. This chess tournament is a three-section tournament for scholastics players from kindergarten to 12th grade. Games will be rated by US Chess and will provide a rating to all players.


Please read carefully below to ensure you register correctly and on time.


  • Open to students enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school in Fall 2023
  • Three sections: K-12 Open [G/45], K-6 Open [G/30]; Beginners Introductory Quads [G/10 +10]
  • Time controls to choose from:  G/45; d0, G/30; d0,  or G/10; +10 sec per move
  • This is a 2023-2024 Grand Prix Event (See Rules for Season Prizes)

Registration and Check-in:

  • Players must register online before the day of the event. (Closes 5:00 PM Thursday Night)
  • Be Aware: No registration for K-12 Open or K-6 Open at the door.
  • Players not preregistered can play in the Introductory Quads by arriving for check-in.
  • The TD Control Desk will check players in from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM only.
  • All players must check in with the TD Control Desk between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM to confirm participation; players who fail to do so might not be paired in the first round.
  • One ½ point bye available if declared before round 1.

Fees and US Chess Members:

  • Entry Fee: $10 for existing USCF members if pre-registered 48 hours in advance, $10 at the door only for Introductory Quads.
  • FREE 1-year USCF membership to all students who are new to rated tournaments.
  • Reduced-cost USCF memberships renewals are available on-site.
  • Free entry if your student attends a school in one of the following districts:
    • Saint Louis Public Schools
    • Ferguson-Florissant School District
    • Jennings School District
    • East St. Louis School District 189
  • Or one of the following schools:
    • Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School
    • St. Vincent Home
    • Marian Middle School

Please contact or call 314.669.5010 to find out your discount code and enter the code at checkout.


  • K-6 Swiss Rounds start at 11:00AM, 12:15PM, 1:45PM, 3:00PM
  • K-12 Swiss Rounds start at 11:00AM; 12:45PM, 2:45PM, 4:00PM (Subject to Adjustment)
  • Beginners Quads start at 11:00AM, 11:30PM, 12:00PM
  • Award ceremony to follow final round for each section.


  • Individual trophies will be available for all sections. Team awards will be available for Open sections only.

How to decide which section to play in:

The K-12 Open is designed for tournament chess players with experience playing over-the-board tournaments. This section will feature the strongest players and intense competition. Open to all in K-12 grades.

The K-6 Open is designed for chess players who may have only played online in the past two years and would like to experience a swiss style tournament in over-the-board play. Open to all in K-6 grades.

The Introductory Quads are designed for players new to tournament chess, or just new to over-the-board chess. Players are grouped together with three other players of similar ability (as determined by the tournament director). Open to all in the grades preK-12.

Tournament Location - Mason Elementary School

6031 Southwest Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139



March 30th, 2024 from  9:30 AM through  5:00 PM
Mason Elementary School
6031 Southwest Ave
St Louis, MO 63139
United States
One Entry $10.00