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Benefits of Membership

A principal benefit of membership is the availability of a wonderful environment in which to play, watch or study chess with others interested in the world’s greatest game. Added benefits include:


  • Always a place to play or watch
  • Opponents to challenge
  • Discounts on tournament entry fees
  • Chess lectures and classes
  • Free access to club library
  • 15% Discount on books and merchandise
  • Opportunity to mentor and bring your chess knowledge to others
  • Opportunity to observe or participate in simultaneous exhibitions

Joint Membership

The Saint Louis Chess Club is located directly across the street from the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF). Together, the Saint Louis Chess Club and the World Chess Hall of Fame offer joint members the opportunity to play chess with grandmasters and novices alike at the STLCC, and also experience the cultural and artistic significance of the game at the WCHOF.

Joint Membership Benefits

  • All standard STLCC member benefits
  • Personalized Membership Card
  • E-mail updates/newsletters
  • 20% discount in the WCHOF’s gift store, Q Boutique
  • Invitations to special events, including Member Nights and Exhibition Opening Receptions
  • Discounts on programs and ticketed events
  • WCHOF member gift

Membership Terms & Conditions

Click HERE to view our membership terms and conditions.