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Experiences As GM in Residence During the U.S. Championships

It has been nearly five years since I was last in Saint Louis. In 2014, shortly after I became a Grandmaster, I was invited to be the Grandmaster-In-Residence at the Saint Louis Chess Club – a position I had not even known existed.

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More to It

I’m not quite sure exactly how many lessons I’ve given on how the rook moves, what fork is, or how to properly hit the clock when you’ve made a move – it’s too many to count. Being a teacher, time kind of flows in a different way in my schools, almost like each classroom is a time capsule. However, even as the semesters pass by, I will never forget my very first day teaching in front of a group of students.

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In recent years, the way that chess is studied, played, and consumed by the general public has changed quite a bit. While chess books, magazines, clubs, and tournaments have their place, a lot of the attention has been shifted online where bullet and blitz chess are gaining popularity. Bullet chess is usually played with a time control of 1 minute with no increment, and blitz chess at either 3 minutes with no increment or 3 minutes with 2 seconds increment per move.

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A Day in the Life: Chess Class at Halls Ferry Elementary

Just under a week after Valentine’s Day, I was very surprised to receive Valentine’s Day cards from two of my 4th grade students, Christa and Jessica.  I teach at a few schools, but have never received something like this!  It was very sweet, and it made me realize that I had a bigger impact on the students that I teach than I thought. Teaching at Halls Ferry, along with many other schools, has made it clear to me that I love what I do.  Although my main job is to teach the rules of chess and prepare students to compete in tournaments, I understand now that I must also show just how much work, creativity, and passion goes into achieving success in whatever they choose to do.

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2019 Cairns Cup: Closing Ceremony

Grandmaster Valentina Gunina is crowned the champion of the first-ever Cairns Cup at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

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