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Scholastic Digital Classroom

Our Scholastic Digital Classroom offers chess instruction for grades K-12 in an exciting and fun virtual learning space! The Saint Louis Chess Club strives to provide students, teachers, parents, and school administrators with the resources they need to develop or improve their scholastic chess endeavors online. 


Instructors from the Saint Louis Chess Club will provide digital chess classes that will focus on chess fundamentals while also incorporating lessons on critical thinking, planning and logic. Professional instruction ranges from beginner, intermediate, and advanced play. 


Beginner Lessons

Piece Movement

Board Setup

Chess Notation

Basic Principles of Play

Intermediate Lessons



Middlegame Planning

Endgame Technique

Advanced Lessons

Checkmate Patterns

Opening Theory

Positional Play

Advanced Strategy


School Programs

School Administrators & Teachers



Individual Programs

Individual Parents & Students




For any inquiries, please contact the Scholastics Department at: or (314) 669-5010