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Sara Herman

Sara Herman

Peak Rating: 2062 USCF

Teaching Rating Range: Beginner-1800 USCF

Accepting Students? Yes!

Lessons Offered: Both in person and online

About Me

I am a USCF expert, partnered Twitch streamer, and chess YouTuber. On my YouTube channel, I analyze my games and vlog my tournament experiences (positive and negative), to encourage people to play more OTB chess. I think a lot of chess players end up feeling isolated due to the solo-competitive nature of the game. I try to remedy this by emphasizing progress over perfection because chess is about more than just winning!


I specialize in chess psychology, helping students overcome mental blocks and plateaus, allowing them to reclaim their enjoyment of chess.

Good Student Match

I work well with both driven tournament players who have specific goals, and casual players who care more about studying than playing.

Playing Experience

My accomplishments are:

  • Played in over 500 tournaments/events over the course of nearly 15 years
  • 5-time Colorado Girls State Champion
  • Took clear second in the 2019 National Girls Tournament of Champions
  • 2000 USCF at age 16

Teaching Method

I have an adaptive approach to teaching. I'll typically analyze a couple of games first to try to understand a student's "blind spots" and build future lesson plans that try to address those. Examples include attacking effectively, practical decision-making, and endgame fundamentals. I typically don't focus on theoretical opening lines and tend to cater to a more principled approach.

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