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Club Tournaments


No Monotony at Monastero (Registration closes Friday @ 3:00 PM)
Sumptuous Sunday at SLU ($2,000 Unconditionally Guaranteed!!)
Sunday Speed Spree at SLU



  • 3 RR, G/10+2
  • USCF quick rated
SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT     6:00 PM  (resumes 8/27)
  • 4 SS, G/10+2
  • USCF quick rated
  • $10 entry fee per tournament
  • Free for GMs and IMs
  • Space is limited to the first 24 players to register
  • Must pass COVID-19 screening to participate
  • Registration by phone or in-person only
  • Must call Club at (314)361-2437 or visit during business hours (12-9)
  • Monthly or annual membership to the Chess Club and US Chess required


For more information, contact Mike Kummer

Phone: 314.361.2437


A player may earn a full-point bye in a round. This happens when there are an odd number participants in the tournament (or section of a tournament). Typically the lowest ranked player receives the bye and earns a full point in the tournament standings.


A player may request one or more half-point byes in an event if that tournament allows half-point byes. All requests for byes should be made to the the chief Tournament Director by the deadline, which is typically prior to round 2. Byes will be allowed in any round unless the TD specifies otherwise. In both USCF and FIDE events, even if a player has requested or taken a half-point bye(s), a player is still subject to receiving a full-point bye in any round.