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Weekly Classes & Lectures

You don't have to be an expert to play at the Saint Louis Chess Club! We offer a great environment for beginning and intermediate chess players to learn one of the oldest games in the world. Weekly classes and tournaments are available for both children and adults at any skill level, all of them free to members -- and all of them sure to help take your game to the next level. 




Adult Beginner's Class: 6:30 PM

  • Learn all the rules and fundamentals of chess to start your chess journey. Taught by Alex Moellering

Road To 2000: 6:30 PM

  • Learn how to escape the common pitfalls that keep Class players from achieving their next step up. Taught by NM Caleb Denby

Insane in the Endgame: 7:30 PM 

  • Train the creativity, precision, and calculation required to navigate through the insanity of chess endgames. Taught by Resident Grandmaster


Chess and Psychology: 6:30 PM 

  • Explore how to think about chess moves like a pro by thinking about each move efficiently and from both sides, and learn practical applications of psychology that relate to your rating. Taught by IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Analyze Your Games: 7:30 PM 

  • Take your game to the next level by learning how to analyze chess games more effectively. Please bring your games to the class! Taught by IM Dorsa Derakhshani


Beginner Ladies' Knight: 6:30 PM

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of chess to build your chess foundation. Taught by Allison Looney

Ladies' Knight: 6:30 PM

  • Build upon the foundation of chess strategy with more advanced principles and ideas in this advanced class. Taught by IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Grandmaster's Choice: 7:30 PM

  • Grandmaster in residence will choose a topic of his/her choice to teach. Taught by Resident Grandmaster


Friday Action Tactics Time: 5:00 PM

  • Learn essential patterns and the correct technique for solving tactical problems. Taught by IM Dorsa Derakhshani


Kid's Beginner Class: 2:00 PM

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of chess to start your chess journey. Taught by Alex Moellering


Beginner's Chess for Kids: 1:00 PM

  • Learn all the rules and fundamentals of chess to start your chess journey. Taught by Allison Looney

Kids' Chess for Rookies: 1:00 PM 

  • If you already know the rules of chess, learn the basic strategies from a grandmaster in this fun class. Taught by Resident Grandmaster

Kids' Chess for Knights: 2:00 PM

  • A kids class for tournament players. This lecture will focus on strategies with competition in mind, and everything learned will be immediately put to the test. Taught by Resident Grandmaster

Puzzler's Paradise: 5:00 PM 

  • This class is open to all members. Test and sharpen your tactical and positional skills by attempting to solve puzzles handpicked by our Resident Grandmaster. Taught by Resident Grandmaster

Understanding Practical Chess: 6:00 PM

  • There’s theory, and there’s application. Learn how to translate theory into practical play. Taught by Resident Grandmaster