Chess for Life

What is Chess For Life?

Chess for Life (CFL) is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2009. Its mission is to promote and support the game of chess in healthcare organizations. We do this by partnering with these organizations to make chess available to their constitutents who, by engaging in a game of chess, can be distracted from the very serious issues they are facing while enjoying the games recreational and mental benefits.

CFL is a philanthropic arm of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

How does it work?

CFL will work with you to identify areas within your facilities to play chess and will provide you with the appropriate equipment. We will also supply training as necessary for your volunteers to ensure they are able to engage others in a game of chess.

What specifically does Chess for Life provide?

CFL will work with you to tailor this program to fit your needs. In addition to providing you with chess boards and pieces, we are happy to do the following:

  • Design and help implement a kick-off event for the program
  • Provide chess training opportunities for your volunteers interested in also acting as a CFL volunteer
  • Provide templates for internal marketing materials and volunteer feedback and evaluation forms

    What does a CFL partner need to do or provide?

    This will depend upon the extent of your participation, but generally you will need to:

    • Provide sufficient, secure space for chess play
    • Distribute and publicize marketing materials associated with the kick-off event and program
    • Provide volunteers to play chess with your patients/caregivers
    • Distribute CFL volunteer feedback and evaluation forms

    What are the volunteer feedback and evaluation forms?

    We will provide these to you. They are used to measure the effectiveness of the program and whether it is meeting your needs. In addition, it provides a medium for volunteers to make suggestions as to how to improve the program. All we ask is that you distribute and collect these from your CFL volunteers.

    Who can be a CFL partner?

    We know there are many applications for this program and are open to your ideas. The following are examples of venues that will work with this program:

    • Hospitals (waiting rooms, break areas, entertainment areas, in-room use)
    • Rehabilitation Centers (either as entertainment or therapy)
    • Treatment Centers
    • Retirement Communities
    • Nursing Homes

    What is the cost of this program?

    The CFL program is provided to you free of charge.

    How do I become a Chess for Life partner?

    To become a CFL partner or to receive additional information about the program, please contact Lauren Stewart at 314.646.1999.


    Click here to purchase a Circle of Hope bracelet in support of the Chess for Life program.

    Make sure to specify ‘Chess for Life’ when purchasing so 30% of all proceeds will go to benefit the program. For more information on the Chess for Life program, please call 314.646.1999, ext. 1.