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Julian's Mistakes from the GM Norm | Road to 2000 - NM Julian Proleiko

National Master Julian Proleiko shows his chess mistakes from the GM Norm event he just played in Saint Louis, and what he learned from them.

Robby Kevlishvili vs. Julian Proleiko, 2024
Proleiko vs. Dambasuren Batsuren, 2024: C45 Scotch game
Dimitar Mardov vs. Proleiko, 2024
Luka Budisavljevic vs. Proleiko, 2024
Proleiko vs. Tatev Abrahamyan, 2024
Kostya Kavutskiy vs. Proleiko, 2024
Proleiko vs. Beloslava Krasteva, 2024

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