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A Day in the Life: Chess Class at Halls Ferry Elementary

Just under a week after Valentine’s Day, I was very surprised to receive Valentine’s Day cards from two of my 4th grade students, Christa and Jessica.  I teach at a few schools, but have never received something like this!  It was very sweet, and it made me realize that I had a bigger impact on the students that I teach than I thought. Teaching at Halls Ferry, along with many other schools, has made it clear to me that I love what I do.  Although my main job is to teach the rules of chess and prepare students to compete in tournaments, I understand now that I must also show just how much work, creativity, and passion goes into achieving success in whatever they choose to do.

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2019 Cairns Cup: Closing Ceremony

Grandmaster Valentina Gunina is crowned the champion of the first-ever Cairns Cup at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

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How to Solve Chess Puzzles Methodologically

Since I teach, I keep saying to my students: one of the most basic things when calculating in chess is to analyze all possible checks, captures, and threats. We should also start with the checks that we intuitively think are more dangerous, captures of heavy pieces and the most important threats, starting with mate.

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2019 Champions Showdown: The Kings - Day 1

Starting February 20th thru February 24th, The 2019 Champions Showdown shall be an exhibition event featuring five individual matches: Hikaru Nakamura vs. Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Fabiano Caruana vs. Pentala Harikrishna, Wesley So vs. David Navara, Leinier Dominguez vs. Veselin Topalov and Sam Shankland vs. Richard Rapport. Over five days, the players shall contest games at rapid and blitz time controls. Each matchup will have a prize fund of $60,000 with first place taking $36,000 and second place taking $24,000.


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