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Chess Puzzles

April Chess Puzzle Answer Key

by Danny Machuca

Theme: Boden's Mate

Puzzle 4-2-17

White to move

W:Canal B: N.N.

Simultaneous game 1934

Answer: 1. Qxc6+, bxc6; 2. Ba6# ------------------------------------------------

Puzzle 4-9-17

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March Chess Puzzle Answer Key

By Danny Machuca

3-5-17 Puzzle

Foerster, S. vs Piceu, K. Belgium 2008

1. Qxh7 Kxh7 2.Bf1 Bxf5 3. Rxf5 Kh6 4. Be2 Kh7 5. Rh5#


3-12-17 Puzzle

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February Chess Puzzle Answer Key

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January Chess Puzzle Answer Key

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