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Fireworks Continued Off the Board After the 4th of July with the Sunday Spectacular

The Sunday Spectacular brought out a lot of players, including many younger players in the Saint Louis Chess community. We had 63 players take to the boards and play in this 5 round, dual rated tournament.

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Premier and Amateur Players Compete at Open Tournament

For the month of June, the Saint Louis Chess Club held another multi-day tournament, the Premier and Amateur. From June 22-June 24, 62 players competed in the two sections (19 in the Premier, which was FIDE Rated, and 43 in the Amateur, which was USCF Rated and Under 2000).

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Players Show Out at the Show Me Classic

The Saint Louis Chess Club hosted the Show Me Classic this past Saturday on May 26, 2018. Since it was a four round tournament, the event provided a nice start to the Memorial Day weekend.

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Ties Prevail at the Bill Wright Open

The Bill Wright Saint Louis Open is one of the premier open tournaments hosted by the Saint Louis Chess Club and this year’s edition had 23 players in the Open section and 57 players in the Under 2000 section, for a total of 80 players. The time control for both sections of the tournament was 90 minutes with a 30 second increment starting on move one.

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Bill Wright

Spectator Experience at the Candidates Tournament: Round 3

I had the pleasure of attending Round 3 of the World Chess Candidates Tournament in Berlin, Germany. And, with the great news of American Fabiano Caruana winning the tournament, I thought I'd share some of my experience.

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Tournament Blog: Seeing Three

This month, the Saint Louis Chess Club hosted the "3 to Get Ready" tournament on March 3rd with sections and prizes to reflect the interesting “3” concept.  The tournament was played in 3 sections: an U3333 section, which had 8 players, an U1833 section which had 20 players, and an U1333 section which had 16 players.

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Aaron Grabinsky

Grandmasters and Amateurs Battle It Out in Each Section

The 10th Annual Metro Class Championship saw 69 players come and compete across 6 different sections. The time control was 90 minutes with a 30 second increment starting on Move 1.

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yaro zherebukh

Tournament Blog: Winners, Upsets, & More

Over the final weekend of January 2018, the Saint Louis Chess Club hosted an event called “Chess Like It Oughta Be”. The tournament was 5 rounds with a time control of Game in 40 minutes with a 5 second delay.

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Chess Like It Oughta Be

Big Turnout, New Faces in 2017 Thanksgiving Open

On Thanksgiving weekend, a total 114 players (including seven Grandmasters) came to the Saint Louis Chess Club to compete for their share of $10,000. There were a lot of new faces in the Chess Club and lot of excitement in both sections (Open and U2000).

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Thanksgiving Open

Chicago vs. Memphis

On a beautiful Saturday in the U.S. Chess Capital, two teams from cities on the opposite spectrum of Interstate 270 ventured to the premier Saint Louis Chess Club. Ten players from Chicago took on ten players from Memphis in a double round robin USCF Blitz rated event.  In a double robin, each player faces each member of the opposing team twice (one game with white, one with black.)  The match consisted of a whopping 200 games.  The winner of the match would amass 100.5 game points.  


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