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Scholastic Tournament Blog: 2018 Chess Carnival

By Tony Chen, Scholastic Coordinator


With Spring right around the corner and warm temperatures arriving, the stage was set perfectly for a festive chess tournament. On Sunday, February 25, the Saint Louis Chess Club held one of its monthly scholastic chess tournaments, Chess Carnival, at Cook Hall on SLU Campus. The tournament drew a record breaking 241 players! With so many players in the tournament, many scores were tied. Tiebreaks resolved all the exciting matches and the winners can be found in the table below.



The Saint Louis Chess Club would like to thank all the players, parents, coaches, and community partners that make our monthly tournaments a success. Please join us for our next tournament, March Madness, on Saturday, March 24 at Il Monestero Center on SLU Campus.


K-12 Open

K-12 U1000

K-6 Open

K-6 U400


1. Evan Zhang

1. Bowen Zhao

1. Tarun Haribasker

1. Benjamin Berry

2. Jaiden Poe

2. Chloe Ong

2. Julian Fundler

2. Geoffrey Gheorghian

3. Daimu Kobayashi

3. Leo Zhang

3. Aaradhya Panda

3. Mason Eckert


1. Belleville East High

1. Kennard Elementary

1. Babler Elementary

1. Argo Chess Club

2. GF Chess Club

2. Argo Chess Club

2. GF Chess Club

2. Mallinkrodt Elementary

3. Hixon Middle

3. Gateway Middle

3. New City School

3. Adams Elementary