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Give STL Day: May 6, 2021

Support us on Thursday, May 6 during Give STL Day! It is the mission of the Saint Louis Chess Club, an educational organization, to maintain a formal program of instruction to teach the game of chess and to promote and support its educational program through community outreach and local and national partnerships to increase the awareness of the educational value of chess.

Don’t want to wait? Donate early and learn more about us at

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2021 Saint Louis Corporate Chess League: Virtual Spring #5

The Corporate Chess League continues its Spring league! Join Mike Kummer for the move-by-move. Once again, Kummer will attempt to give commentary while playing on one of the teams! Disaster awaits. At the end, Kummer will select the most outstanding game of the tournament. The winner of the most outstanding game will receive a special gift!


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Don't Be Scared of Aggressive Attack! | Intermediate Kids' Class - GM Steven Zierk

Grandmaster Steven Zierk demonstrates how to remain calm when an opponent is very aggressively attacking in "Chess for Knights," the traditional kids' chess class for scholastic players under a 1000 rating. See how Vasily Smyslov made sure he was defended against an aggressive Paul Keres, and then won.

Paul Keres vs Vasily Smyslov, Zurich Candidates (1953): A17 English opening

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Nepo Overcomes Gelfand at Jerusalem 2019 | Sabina's Choice - WGM Sabina Foisor

Woman Grandmaster Sabina Foisor celebrates Ian Nepomniachtchi's 2020-21 Candidates Tournament victory by examining a game that earned him a spot in the Candidates. See Game 2 against Boris Gelfand in the 16-player knockout known as the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix Jerusalem.

Boris Gelfand vs Ian Nepomniachtchi, Grand Prix Jerusalem (2019): A33 English, symmetrical, Geller variation

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