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GM Denes Boros Plays The People! | Live Stream

A streamed event that features GM Denes Boros.

Tuesdays at noon - Jonathan Schrantz Plays The People!
Wednesdays at 3pm - Ryan Chester Plays The People!
Thursday at 3pm - GM Plays The People!
Friday at 2:30pm - Mike Kummer Plays The People!

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Ashish Panda & Perry Colson Get Analyzed | Viewers’ Choice - GM Varuzhan Akobian

Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian analyzes viewer-submitted games, including two by Club staff and a strong member.

Ashish Panda (1931 FIDE) vs. (1800 player): B53 Sicilian, Chekhover variation
danielmaia vs. DocWasabi: A80 Dutch
shawneric vs. castledqueen: A41 Queen's Pawn
Perry Colson (1047 USCF) vs. barbosa12: D37 Queen's Gambit Declined, 4.Nf3

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