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2016 U.S. Junior Closed

Come watch the USA's top Juniors compete for the title!

The 2016 U.S. Junior Closed will feature the best 10 Juniors in the country competing for $20,600 in prizes!  The event is a 9 round-robin with one round per day. Please view the livestream of the event and learn more at

Opening Ceremony: July 7th

Rounds: July 8-17th

Closing Ceremony: July 17th

This event showcases the top students in the country and serves as the perfect example for two of our important goals: Promoting chess at the scholastic level and supporting chess at the top level by providing a professional environment for the country's top tournaments.

Members receive free access to the rounds and closing ceremony, while non-members can purchase a day pass starting at $5. 

July 7th, 2016 from  1:00 PM through  7:00 PM