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Digital Classroom - Chess Training Programs

Beginner Subscription: Perfect for beginning students to learn and develop skills! Live daily classes with the Saint Louis Chess Club’s trained faculty covering chess fundamentals.

Scholastic Chess Diploma: Designed for intermediate students trying to grow! Complete all six topically focused classes and earn your official Saint Louis Chess Club Scholastic Diploma.

Grandmaster Subscription: Perfect for intermediate to advanced students! Live daily classes with our Grandmaster instructors to challenge and improve committed players.

If you have trouble connecting to your class, please contact the Scholastics Department at: or (314) 669-5010


Beginner Subscription:

This program is a subscription-based class for beginner players looking to learn the fundamentals of chess rules and play or sharpen their understanding. Classes feature live, synchronous instruction from our trained chess faculty on our level one scholastic chess curriculum.

Students will learn and practice basic piece movement, piece value, check and checkmate rules, en passant capture rules, opening principles, and basic tactical ideas as well as play against other beginner students to build experience and confidence in their game.

This subscription can be renewed as many times as needed until the student feels they have mastered the beginner-level curriculum and are ready to move on to a bigger challenge. The two sessions meet Monday through Friday from 3-4 pm and from 4-5 pm.

Subcription Plans
1-Month $30 Pay Here
3-Months $85 Pay Here



Scholastic Chess Diploma:

This program is intended for intermediate students who have mastered the beginner subscription material and consists of six topically focused classes meeting twice a week over a six-week period.

In a given week two classes are held from 5-6 pm, meeting either on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Each class covers a core area of chess competency and knowledge. Students who demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of the course material will receive credit upon completion of the class. Students who acquire all six credits will receive a chess diploma commemorating their achievement.

Upcoming Scholastic Chess Diploma Classes Registration Register!
Dates Topic Description $90 Each $170 for both!
4.8 to 5.15.2024 M/W Mates Checkmating Patters Pay Here Pay Here
4.9 to 5.16.2024 T/Th Strategy Strategic Elements Pay Here

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Grandmaster Subscription:

This program is intended for intermediate and advanced students who want to be challenged and grow their abilities. It can be taken alone or concurrently with Scholastic Chess Diploma classes. Classes feature live, synchronous instruction from a Grandmaster instructor in a small-group setting in which each student will be able to receive individualized attention and ask questions of the instructor in real-time.

The Grandmaster instructor will present lessons and puzzles tailored to the learning needs of the students in the class, review master level games with the class, provide feedback on student games, and allow students to compete against classmates through structured in-class tournaments. This class meets Monday through Friday from 6-7 pm.

Subcription Plans
1-Month $100  Pay Here
3-Months $250 Pay Here


Grandmaster Instructors

WGM Dorsa Derakhshani

For more information about the Grandmaster, click here



For any inquiries, please contact the Scholastics Department at: or (314) 669-5010