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STLCC Select Chess



In effort to elevate the skill level of Saint Louis youths, the STLCC is introducing our Select Chess Training Program. The program is designed to train high level scholastic players to titled chess players. Along with the Select Chess Training Program, STLCC is also introducing our Junior Select Chess Training Program, designed to train scholastic players 12 years old or younger to qualify for the Select Chess Program. Under professional instruction from Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian, accepted scholastic players will receive weekly group training sessions, individual lessons, tournament preparation, and game analysis.


''Chess is unique in its ability     

to take us to another world"    

        -GM Varuzhan Akobian        

Fall 2019 Admissions 

Training sessions will last an entire school semester. Students that wish to participate in Select Chess or Junior Select Chess must apply every semester. Each program will have a set roster for an entire semester. Any students that meet the requirements after a semester begins will have to apply for the next semester. Preferred acceptance will be given to students that have completed the previous semester. Qualified applicants will be screened and selected by a selection committe.


Not all qualified applicants will be accepted due to limited space. Personal information and tournament history will be evaluated by a selection committe to select the best students for both programs. Please review all 3 requirements before applying. Applicants must be able to comply with all 3 requirments.


For students that are accepted into the program, he/she will receive an acceptance letter by August 23rd. 




1. Application 

Select Chess Junior Select Chess
Application due by 8/9/2019 Application due by 8/9/2019
Classical ELO rating of 1400+ by 8/9/2019 Classical ELO rating of 1200+ by 8/9/2019
Age: 18 year or younger Age: 12 years or younger
Must have participated in at least 1 STLCC Scholastic tournament and 2 Club tournaments since August 1, 2018


2. Schedule

If accepted, students must adhere to the following schedule. Each student is allowed 2 unexcused absences each semester. Any students with more than 2 unexcused absences will be dropped from the semester session immediately.

Select Chess Junior Select Chess
Mondays  6:00 - 8:00 PM Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00 PM
               Sunday, September 1st, 3 PM   -   Parent/Student/GM Meeting (Mandatory)
September     9,   16,   23,  30 September      4,  11,  18,  25
October         7,  14,  21,  28 October          2,  9,  16,  23,  30
Sunday, October 20th, 3 PM  -  Parent/GM Meeting for student progress
November     4,  11,  18 November      6,  13,  20
December      2,   9,  16 December       4,  11

Each student will have 4.5 hours of total of individual lessons with GM Akobian for the semester.

Three 1.5 hour lessons or three 1 hour + one 1.5 hour lesson


3. Mandatory Obligations

If accepted, student must comply to the following obligations:

1. Payment of $150 for the semester. Non-refundable if withdrawn or dropped from program.

2. Student must submit 10 notated games played since August 1, 2018

3. Mandatory participation in at least 1 tournament per month. (Club or Scholastics)

4. Mandatory participation in 1 STLCC Scholastic Strong Swiss Tournament. 

5. Mandatory participation in certain club tournaments to be specified by September 1st meeting. 



Application Forms

Select Chess Application

Junior Select Chess Application