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Sunday: Kids' Beginner Tournament

Unrated tournaments designed specifically for beginners are held monthly, following the weekly Kids lessons on Sunday afternoons.

After your future Master has become familiar with piece movement and the basic strategies of chess, a quick introduction to the competitive side of the game can serve as an extremely beneficial -- and natural -- push in their development.

All levels of beginners are encouraged to participate in our monthly Unrated Kids’ Beginner Tournaments, engaging them in low-risk and fun environment against similarly skilled players. These competitions are not over your child’s head, and will instead help them thrive in the game. These tournaments go beyond pieces and squares, introducing new players to the rules and etiquette of competitive chess and exposing them to other elements not easily translated from casual play -- such as the use of clocks.

Plus they are fun! Every player earns a medal just for participating and, to keep our young masters striving, the monthly winner receives an annual membership to the CCSCSL.

The October Kids Beginner’s Tournament is this Sunday, October 19 at 2:30 p.m., immediately following the Sunday kids classes and Grandmaster discussions.

For Ages 12 & Under

Two Sections: 4th Grade & Up and 3rd Grade & down

Open to unrated players, and those rated below 600

Registration: Sunday, October 18th - 12:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Entry Fee $5

Format: 4 rounds, 15 minutes per side

Round 1 begins at 2:30 pm

Prizes: Medals for all participants! 1st Place receives a year membership to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.