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Inmates and Checkmates: Using Chess in Prisons

Since the 1970s, the incarcerated population of the United States has more than quadrupled. Currently, nearly 2.24 million individuals reside in U.S. facilities comprising over 20 percent of the global prison population. Additionally, research has found high rates of recidivism among released prisoners which are as high as 75 percent within the first 5 years.

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Simul at the Science Center: The Chess Club Does First Friday

By Lulu Wojcik

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Bill Wright Saint Louis Open

Always a popular and well-attended tournament, the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis hosted the 7th annual Bill Wright Saint Louis Open from Friday, April 1, to Sunday, April 3. Before the tournament began, local chess player and Chess Club member Ken West gave a moving speech about Bill Wright, reminding everyone of the dear friend the chess community has lost.

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Chess Keeps Aging Populations Young at Heart

Worldwide, our population is aging. Advances in technology and medicine have lengthened the global average life expectancy to over 80 years according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Unfortunately, this increase in the length of life hasn’t necessarily been accompanied by an increase in the quality of life. Many elderly struggle with depression, isolation and mental deterioration.

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New Research Explores How Chess May Lead to Improvements in Academic Performance

Examining whether chess influences academic performance has been a popular area of research. Many researchers have looked at whether participation in chess programs promotes greater academic achievement in students. 

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2016 Parkway District Championship Draws in 151 Participants

The 2016 Parkway District Championship took place at Parkway Central High School on Saturday, March 12. This year the tournament hosted one of its larger fields, with a total of 151 students. Participants from grades K-12 played in five rounds of fifteen minute games.

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Girl Scouts: Learning Chess and Earning a New Patch

Nearly 25 Girl Scouts from a variety of troops came together at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) on Saturday, March 5 for a fun-filled day that included a tour of the World Chess Hall of Fame and an instructive lesson from resident GM Varuzhan Akobian.

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Sunday Kid's Classes: Chess for all ages

If you ever happen to find yourself at the Kingside Diner on a Sunday, you will find it packed with parents and children alike eager to learn from the certified staff and resident grandmaster from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL).

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The 8th Annual U.S. Championships Have Been Announced!

Saint Louis has established itself as the chess capital of America; therefore, it is its duty to host the most important national event of the year: the U.S. Championship and the U.S. Women's Championship

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2016 U.S. Championships Press Release

For the eighth consecutive year, the nation’s top 24 chess players will gather in Saint Louis to compete for the titles of U.S. Champion and U.S. Women’s Champion.

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