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12 Dynamic Opening Traps! | The Dynamic Dozen

Expert Arjun Puri debuts a new series. See twelve dynamic opening traps that are likely to appear in your games.

London Trap: A46 Queen's pawn game
Open Sicilian Trap: B33 Sicilian defence
Dragon Sicilian, Levenfish Trap: B71 Sicilian, dragon, Levenfish variation
Alapin Sicilian Trap: B50 Sicilian
Queen’s Gambit Accepted Trap: D25 Queen's Gambit Accepted, Smyslov variation
Marshall Trap: C42 Petrov, classical attack, Tarrasch variation
Rubinstein Trap: B21 Sicilian, Smith-Morra gambit, 2...cxd4 3.c3
Scandinavian Trap: B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence
Caro-Kann Trap: B10 Caro-Kann, two knights variation
Dutch Trap: A80 Dutch, 2.Bg5 variation
Fort Knox French Trap: C10 French, Fort Knox variation
Ruy Lopez Trap: C65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, Mortimer trap