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Digital Classroom Instructors


Jana Thomas Photo

Jana Thomas


Affectionately known as "Queen Thomas" by my students, I've been a chess instructor for 4 years now. I’ve taught students of all ages, from Pre-K on up through adults. I do my best to make learning chess simple and fun. 


Vincent Tucci's Photo

Vincent Tucci


Greetings everyone, my name is Vincent Tucci. I have been working for the Saint Louis Chess Club for about three and a half years. I have been teaching chess for about four and a half years now, and I have also been playing chess for just about 20 years. 

Dan Todd Photo

Dan Todd

My name is Dan Todd, the Chess Magician. I have performed magic and played chess for 50 years. I’ve been teaching chess for the St. Louis Chess Club since 2017. My classes include pictures, stories, poems, and magic tricks, to make learning chess FUN! 

Jonathan Israel Photo

Jonathan Israel

My name is Jonathan Israel and I have been playing chess since I was seven years old. I have a B.A. in Mathematics and have taught at the Saint Louis Chess Club for three years. This is my favorite job in the world, and am very excited to teach your students this year!

Dirk Downing

Hello everyone! My name is Dirk Downing and I love playing and teaching Chess! I have a PhD in Sport Psychology, and have found that Chess is an incredibly fun and helpful way to train your mind so that you can excel in other walks of life.

Eric Payne's Photo

Eric Payne

Born and raised in St.Louis, Missouri. I love teaching chess to kids and adults and I am excited to try online learning with everyone. My other passions include flower gardening and this season I have included growing vegetables and fruits as well.

Alexander Schumm's Photo

Alexander Schumm

My name is Alexander Schumm, and I am a philosopher, philosophical consultant, and writer. What I love about chess is that beneath its simple rules lies a strategy deep enough to spend your whole life exploring.

Jae Om's Photo

Jae Om

As both an educator and lifelong learner, I commit myself to the belief that every child can succeed. I seek these goals through both collaborative and interactive lessons, created to promote enhanced learning experiences that engage.

Brent Allmon's Photo

Brent Allmon

As an instructor, my goal is to impart some of the most important skills I have learned in my studies, such as self-efficacy, critical thinking, and a love of learning; and chess has been an invaluable catalyst in this endeavor.


Bios coming soon:

Julien Budde, Julian Proleiko, Peter DiPaolo, Omar El-Amin, Ruth Terry-Vilches, Jim True, Hosea Edwards, Orlando Lazo, Isaac Sterling