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Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer
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About Me

As a chess Grandmaster since the age of 19, my academic achievements include a double major in Bachelor's and Master's degree from SLU, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics at UCSD. I enjoy working with driven students as a professional chess player and instructor.


I strongly believe that mastering the art of attack, tactical calculation, and awareness of positional play is the key to achieving success in chess, and my own games serve as a testament to this philosophy. Through years of dedicated practice and study, I have honed my skills in these critical areas and have learned how to apply them effectively on the chess board. With a focus on attacking strategies and the ability to make quick, precise calculations, I aim to teach students how to approach the game with a competitive edge. By selecting openings that complement their strengths and weaknesses, I help students develop a well-rounded and effective playing style that will enable them to succeed at any level of competition.

Good Student Match:

My passion for the game is evident in my teachings, which cater to players of all levels, from novices to advanced players. With my guidance, you will learn advanced techniques, strategies, and critical thinking skills that will improve your game and help you reach new heights in chess.
Champions raise new champions. Are you ready to be the next?

Playing Experience:

I have the unique achievement of winning the European Youth Championships five times in every category. Additionally, I am the winner of the 2017 Paracin Open in Serbia and the 2022 Teplice Open in the Czech Republic. As a SLU Chess Team member, I represented SLU Chess Team in Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Championship for six consequence years during 2016-2022. I represented Turkey in the 2012 Istanbul and 2022 Chennai Chess Olympiads.

Teaching Method:

I prioritize meeting the unique needs of each individual student. To achieve this, I begin by analyzing the student's games to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the opening, middle game, and endgame. With this diagnosis, I gradually develop and refine a personalized, systematic method of instruction to help them improve their game. This customized approach ensures that students receive the guidance they need to achieve their goals and reach new levels of success in chess. As a chess grandmaster and instructor, I am passionate about sharing above mentioned techniques and strategies with my students, helping them to develop the same level of proficiency and competitive edge that has led to my success as a player.