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GM Mikhail Antipov

GM Mikhail Antipov

Peak Rating: 2626 FIDE

Teaching Rating Range: All Levels!

Accepting Students? Yes!

Rates: $100 / one-hour lesson,

$800 / 10 one-hour lessons

Lessons Offered: Online only

About Me

I started playing chess at the age of 5 and this game became an essential part of my life. I achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 16 and am currently ranked #193 in the world. My biggest achievements in chess include 1st place in World Junior Chess Championship in 2015, 1st place in World Open 2022, 1st place in U.S. Masters 2023 and many others. I am glad to share my experience with my students and help them to achieve their goals in chess.


I am convinced that harmonious learning of students is important in chess. It is important for me to teach my students not only modern openings and tactics, but also to teach them the classical legacy of chess, positional play, and logical decision-making. It is very important for me to instill in my students a love of chess, to show that chess is not only a hobby, but a sport in which I can help them achieve success. As a chess player, I started with an attacking tactical style, then switched to a more planned strategic game. That's why I can teach my students all aspects of chess.

Good Student Match

I am working with students of all levels and ages. Everyone is welcome! With my guidance, you will learn advanced tactics techniques, strategies, opening theory, and critical thinking skills that will improve your game and help you reach new heights not just in chess but in real life.

Playing Experience

My accomplishments are:

  • Achieved the title of International Master at the age of 14
  • Achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 16
  • World junior champion under 20 in 2015
  • Winner of prestigious international chess events, including World Open 2022, National Open 2023, and U.S. Masters 2023.


Teaching Method

Working with each student should be unique. Before starting classes, I study my students' games and test them to understand their weaknesses and strengths and what we will work on. I believe that opening theory, tactical vision, endgame technique, and positional play are equally important. Therefore, we work with each student according to a unique methodology, eliminating shortcomings and developing strengths. If you are focused on results, then together we can achieve your goals.

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