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Amateur & Premiere Tournament Brings Many Success

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The Saint Louis Amateur and Premier Tournament drew a crowd of 35 players this year. The tournament was split into two sections: Under 1800 (Amateur) and 1800 and over (Premier). A $1,600 unconditionally guaranteed prize fund was awarded to the top five finishers in each section.

chess, club, tournament, swiss, july, amateur, premiere, saint louis

Alex Marler, rated 2141, won the Premier section with an undefeated score of 3.5/4. Marler entered the tournament with a first round half-point bye then won his three subsequent games. His post-tournament rating of 2167 puts him only 33 points away from earning the title of National Master – a goal Marler is committed to achieving.

His toughest victory came in round three verse the tournament’s highest-rated player – FM Doug Eckert (2286). Eckert was much better out of the opening and achieved a winning position for majority of the game but mutual time trouble left the door open for Marler to turn the game around. Marler had a passed d-pawn that proved difficult to corral and ultimately won the game when it reached the end of the board and promoted to a queen.

Marler played a smooth attacking game in the final round against Adil Skuka (2023). The game started to go downhill for Skuka after the move 13. … Bd7, which only encouraged White to play the move d5. Black’s compromised pawn structure and weakness around the king made it easy for White to launch a successful attack. The game is shown below:

chess, club, tournament, swiss, july, amateur, premiere, saint louisThere was a three way tie for first in the Amateur section between William Little (1759), Darian Turner (1719), and Aleksey Kazakevich (1737). Little and Turner were the only two with a perfect score heading into the last round, but a draw by perpetual check left three players with 3.5/4 points in the end.

The biggest upset of the day was Merrick Zheng’s (826) round one victory over Scott Anderson (1524). Anderson fell victim to a Greek Gift sacrifice after 12. … Bxh2+. Anderson should have bravely accepted the gift; but, with the knight and queen quickly coming in for an attack, he spurned White’s offer with 13. Kh1. Black correctly sacrificed another piece in dramatic fashion with 14. … Ng4!, which quickly lead to a mating attack.

Eric Hoffner (1535) played a very pretty combination in the final round to tie for third with three other players with a score of 3/4 points. The move 12. … Nbc6 looked like a very natural move until Black was stunned by the sacrificial 13. Ndb5! The threat of a knight coming to d6 was too powerful to stop and White won in very convincing fashion as seen below:

Our next major event is the Saint Louis Millionaire Satellite Tournament on August 15-16. The winner will receive free entry to Millionaire Chess in Vegas ($1,500 value) and an additional $500 to cover some of the traveling expenses. Don’t miss your chance to take part in this fantastic tournament! You can register here.