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Bishops and Basketball: The Benefits of Chess on Social-Emotional Outcomes

by Emily Sholtis & Anna Nicotera, Basis Policy Research

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More than 50 Boy Scouts Earn Chess Merit Badge at CCSCSL

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center is proud of its association with the Boy Scouts of America, and this year’s first Boy Scout Merit Badge Day, held on January 18th, was a great example of the mutual respect and support between the two organizations. The January event  handed out 52 new Chess Merit Badges to Scouts, making it one of the largest sessions since the CCSCSL held the initial launch event in September 2011. Since then, more than 60,000 Chess Merit Badges have been awarded nationally.

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Boy Scouts of America Chess Merit Badge

Four-move Fireworks in October Kids' Beginners Tournament

On Sunday, October 20, as the up-and-coming Saint Louis Rams were busy defeating the reigning World Champion Seattle Seahawks, 18 new pawn pushers also believed anything was possible as they began their quest to chess superstardom.

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Sunday: Kids' Beginner Tournament

After your future Master has become familiar with piece movement and the basic strategies of chess, a quick introduction to the competitive side of the game can serve as an extremely beneficial -- and natural -- push in their development.

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Building on Experience at the September Kids' Beginner Tournament

Nearly 30 students visited the Chess Club to compete in September’s Unrated Beginner Tournament for Kids -- most of whom came for Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan’s fun and educational weekly Kids Class, and were eager to show off some newfound knowledge.

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On Chess: World Chess Hall Of Fame Brings Chess Concepts to Early Learners

This article was originally published on on July 16.

Bobby Fischer was the youngest-ever American Grandmaster, a title that took him 15 years, 6 months and 1 day to collect. That is, until Hikaru Nakamura came along, besting Bobby by three months and earning the title as the new youngest-ever American GM.

That is, until Ray Robson came along, notching his elite title two weeks before he turned 15.

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kids chess world chess hall of fame

Schoolhouse Rook: Summer Camp Fun!

Ah, summer! It’s finally here. The kids have been waiting all semester for this long break from school and homework. For them, this vacation represents a break from the everyday routine of the academic year. That means extra fun and games, a chance to hang out with friends, meet new people, learn new skills and find entertaining activities.

Who needs structure? I’ve got vacation, right Mom and Dad?

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Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian

Ronit Rolls at Summer Slam Bash

The Summer Slam Bash kicked off the Chess Club’s Summer Scholastic Tournament Series. A total of 22 kids in grades K-8 competed for the nine different trophies. 

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Shahade Brings Queen Power to Saint Louis

The Chess Club would like to welcome WGM Jennifer Shahade, who will take the reins as our next Resident GM until March 28. In addition to our normal lecture schedule, Jennifer also will be conducting some special "Queen Power" events at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

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On Chess: Hall Of Fame Brings Chess To New Audiences

This story was originally posted on on March 12.

On Tuesday, USA Today published a story that outlined everything “hip and happening” in St. Louis.

Not surprisingly, the World Chess Hall of Fame got a nod. Wait. What? Not surprising, you say?

If the idea that chess is hip and happening is foreign to you, then I assume you still have the antiquated stereotype of the pocket protector-wearing übergeek ingrained in your mind.

But times they are a-changin’ my friends.

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