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How to Create A Classroom Culture - Part 4

From our acronym C.H.E.S.S., there are a few more tips on creating a classroom culture that I’d like to share with you.  The first ‘S’  stands for:

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The simple creation of Geniuses in Academia and Industry – by Dr. O.T. Olabanji

“Chess is an extremely important game that tweaks the cognitive functionalities, enhances academic skills, aids rapid thought processes, boosts logical and strategic thinking, and helps to gain exceptional memory skills, creativity, focus and discipline” [1-5]. I strongly recommend it for any child or adult who aims to achieve excellence in academia, industry or in any field of endeavor.

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A Magical Summer of Chess

The Saint Louis Chess Club helps provide even more exposure to chess for students in the Saint Louis area by running numerous chess camps throughout the city. The skills they learn in chess summer camps are skills they will use for a lifetime.

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How to Create A Classroom Culture - Part 3

Let’s continue with another tip to help you create your classroom culture.  The ‘E’ from our acronym C.H.E.S.S. stands for: Establish Everyday Practices. 

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To win or not to win? How to play chess against the beginner

As an instructor, mentor, father, or mother of an aspiring chess player, playing against your little prodigy can be a great way to measure their skills and progress.

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The Art of Chess and a Bit of Light Reading

This summer, the Saint Louis Chess Club is proud to highlight two unique chess camps with our community partners, Art Unleashed and the Saint Louis Public Library.

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A Spring of Chess and Magic

As a scholastic chess instructor, I have the pleasure of working at a variety of chess related activities throughout the Saint Louis area.

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How to Create A Classroom Culture - Part 2

Let’s continue with the second tip from the five-part series to help you create your classroom culture.  The ‘H’ from our acronym C.H.E.S.S. stands for:

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Scholastics Chess Curriculum Update

As work on the third level of the 12-level curriculum nears completion, we present the following refresher on the Instructional Standards the curriculum is built upon, and the vision for the curriculum’s value to instructors.

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Irina Krush

Lessons From Chess

According to International Master and author Jeremy Silman, “The real purpose of the chess opening is to create a difference (or a series of differences) in respective positions and then develop your army around these facts" (The Complete Book of Chess Strategy).

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