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Ben's Blog: NACA FIDE INVITATIONAL - Third Report

[imagefield_assist|fid=3545|preset=frontpage_200x200|lightbox=true|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=200]The last round is going to start in 20 minutes!  I am currently the co-leader, with FM Mackenzie Molner, who has already beaten 3 GMs this tournament, and needs a draw for his first GM norm!

I had a good day yesterday, beating Molner in a nice game, and drawing a very long, tough game, with GM Mesgen Amanov.

Standings After Round 8:

1-2 Molner, Finegold 6-2

3 Kolev 5.5-2.5

4-5 Amanov, Ravichandran 5-3

6-9 Mitkov, Georgiev, Young, Zenyuk 4.5-3.5

WIM Iryna Zenyuk thinks if she wins the final round, she will get a WGM norm. Molner already has an IM norm, and needs to draw for a GM norm.

Pairings for the 9th and last round:

1 Finegold-Young

2 Amanov-Molner

3 Kolev-Ravichandran

4 Zenyuk-Georgiev

5 Mitkov-Gurczak