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Ben's Blog: Weight Update

[imagefield_assist|fid=1818|preset=frontpage_200x200|lightbox=true|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=200]It has been a little more than 2 weeks, and so far I have lost 12 pounds.  I go to the health club everyday, and work the treadmill for one hour.  I listen to music and watch tv whilst I work out, so the time passes pretty quickly.  I have been sticking to my diet of fruits, veggies, rice, and soup, and that has been easy as well.

I have been receiving a lot of congratulatory texts and emails due to being on the cover of the recent Chess Life magazine.  Also, I am featured on the back cover of the latest issue of "New In Chess" magazine, in the column "checking in."

GM Robert Hess is coming to the club today at 2PM, where he will lecture and give a simultaneous exhibition. Robert was the runner-up in last years U.S. Chess Championship, and was Board 5 for the Silver Medal winning U.S. team in Turkey at the World Team Championships.

I hope to see many of our members later today, and maybe someone can give Robert a run for his money in the simultaneous!