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The Chess Club and World Chess Hall of Fame Take On GroveFest

GroveFest, chess, event, booth
Pictured: Lindsay DeVivo playing chess at GroveFest

Fall weather hit just as the Tenth Annual GroveFest occurred on October 3rd. Colder weather did not keep the crowds from flooding the streets nor did it keep the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) and the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) from entertaining GroveFest attendees. The organizations stood among other vendors selling clothing or food within the kid-friendly section of the festival. From behind the Chess Campus booth, visitors could see balloon animals being produced with the occasional “POP” being heard. The array of chess boards, timers, and pamphlets really made the Chess Campus' booth stand out.

GroveFest, chess, event, booth

The day was filled with curiosity. Curiosity as to how a chess match could be played in only five minutes. Curiosity as to how well those staffing the Chess Campus booth really were at playing chess. Curiosity as to how long WCHOF and CCSCSL have been around and where they are located. And finally, curiosity regarding how much chess lessons at CCSCSL cost, and what exhibitions are currently on display at the WCHOF. 

The staff at the Chess Campus booth were able to replace their curiosity with friendship. Grins inevitably spread over the faces of everyone who visited the booth- coupled with a satisfied look as they figured out their next move on the board. Others, who silently read through the pamphlets, left exclaiming that they needed to see the ivory chess sets and the Marcel Dzama film at the WCHOF before the exhibits are close this month. Those with children were interested in the WCHOF's upcoming kid-friendly exhibit on October 31st: Kings, Queens & Castles.

GroveFest, chess, event, booth

Some of the most inquisitive visitors of the day were children and teenagers. Some teenagers that played chess at the booth were exceptionally skill and the CCSCSL hopes they will come visit the Chess Club so they can improve their already formidable talent. Other children had just learned how to play the game from their grandparents and were eager to test out their newly acquired chess knowledge.  Then, there were the few children who did not know how to play and we happily gave them a crash course in the basics.  

From our outreach into schools with chess program, Sunday lessons for beginners, and private lessons there is no shortage of opportunities for children, or anyone, to learn chess.We hope to see the GroveFest attendees again soon and that everyone had as much fun as we did!