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Chicago Open report by GM Finegold

[imagefield_assist|fid=5534|preset=frontpage_200x200|lightbox=true|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=200]Chess is Tough
June 1, 2010  

The 2010 Chicago Open was my worst tournament in two years. I could not seem to get anything going in some games, and when I did get good positions, I would make errors and the game would become equal. The one bright spot was my round 6 versus veteran GM Anatoly Lein. I drew my last two rounds and had winning positions in both games! I withdrew after round 8, and was actually home by 9p.m. --- Not my tournament.

Dutch GM Loek van Wely won the tournament by virtue of winning both games the last day, downing GM Georgi Kachieshvili in round 8 and then thwarting IM Sam Shankland's bid for another GM norm in the last round. However, Jake Kleiman and Tatev Abrahmayan did achieve IM norms. Congrats to the winner and norm seekers! 

Next on the agenda is the 2010 Las Vegas Chess Fesitval (aka National Open). Last year I was able to beat GM Julio Becerra in the last round and get some $$$......let's hope I can repeat that success (always repeat!).







A Boring Day
May 30, 2010 

I played my usual brand of boring chess Saturday, and I got one win and one draw as a result. However, two draws would have been more appropriate, but my young round 4 opponent was not able to hold a drawn opposite-bishop ending. There were lots of upsets today, and I was able to sit next to Shabalov in round 5 as he lost to Tatev Abrahamyan! Also of note was IM Justin Sarkar winning a nice game against GM Daniel Fridman. Most of the top GMs have 4-1 or 3.5-1.5, and some considerably worse! 

I seem to be playing flat chess, not very sharp at all! Maybe Sunday will bring more excitement from my game. At least two Finegold's showed up today to watch (my son Spencer and my brother Mark). Tomorrow will see a lot of all-GM match-ups, and lots of exciting games!





Fayndolg forgets how to play chess
May 29, 2010

Two games Friday, and I only muster a draw and a loss against two lower rated players! I misplayed the middlegame in round 2 and the opening in round 3, and was lucky to score half a point! Some of the other GMs are also having a tough time, so maybe if I can win both games Saturday then my score will not look so bad. Tony Rich was able to draw Jialin Ding in an up and down affair in the U2100 section. Lots of upsets all over the place. WIM Iryna Zenyuk, who always plays well in Chicago is having a bad tournament thus far with an 0-3 score. Also, Jaan Ehlvest seems to follow my lead, as he also has 1.5-1.5.