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From Elementary to High School: First SLPS District-Wide Tournament A Success

St. Louis Public Schools

By Tony Chen, Scholastic Coordinator


Wednesday, February 21st, marked the first ever St. Louis Public School’s (SLPS) district-wide chess tournament. Over 100 SLPS students gathered at The Moto Museum for friendly competition and bragging rights. The event was sponsored and organized in collaboration with the Saint Louis Public Schools District and Saint Louis Chess Club.


St. Louis Public Schools


Elementary students played a total of three rounds. Since there were so many elementary students, 7 players tied for 1st place. Due to tiebreak rankings, 1st place went to Jershawn Owens, 2nd place to Brandon Nash, and 3rd place to Lawrence Ross. The middle and high school students played four rounds. After the grueling matches, Keion Flenoid, Kamaurion Stokes, and Joseph McCloud took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively in the middle school section. While Ka Rah, DraJohntae Davidson, and Brynant Bailey took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in the high school section.


St. Louis Public Schools


The team component of the tournament showed which schools reigned supreme. Dunbar Elementary won the top elementary award, Gateway Middle won the top middle school award, and Carnahan High won the top high school award.


A big thank you to all the administrators and staff from SLPS, Saint Louis Chess Club, and Moto Museum that made this special event such a success. For more photos, visit our Flickr page >

Top Individuals
Elementary School Middle School High School
1. Jershawn Owens 1. Keion Flenoid 1. Ka Rah
2. Brandon Nash 2. Kamaurion Stokes 2. Drajohntae Davidson
3. Lawrence Ross 3. Joseph McCloud 3. Brynant Bailey
Top Schools
Dunbar Elementary School Gateway Middle School Carnahan High School