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Little Guys Shine: King & Pawn Endgames | Road to 2000 - NM Caleb Denby |

National Master Caleb Denby equips you with the tools to get on the road to a 2000 chess rating. The mysterious masked Caleb teaches concepts like outside passed pawn, mutual zugzwang, trading down into an advantageous endgame, the "box" rule, and more!

Rudolf Spielmann vs Oldrich Duras, Karlsbad (1907)
Mark Taimanov vs Mikhail Botvinnik, 10th Soviet Team-ch final A (1967): D11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, Breyer variation
JurgenSanchez97 vs. Caleb Denby, 2020: B19 Caro-Kann, classical, Spassky variation