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National Chess Day 2014 - Newcomer and Expert Tournaments

Come down to the Saint Louis Chess Club and celebrate National Chess Day!

The Saint Louis Chess Club wants you to celebrate National Chess Day on Saturday, Oct. 11! We're featuring two different tournaments -- one for experienced zugzwangers, and another for brand new pawnpushers!

Any chess player who signs up for new registration with the United States Chess Federation on Saturday will receive free entry into The National Chess Day Beginners Tournament at 12:00 noon! This event will provide you with your first four rated games in the USCF, putting you on your way to your own chess-strength rating. Players already registered with the USCF may still join with a $5 entry fee, but only those below a 1300 rating -- this is a true beginners-only tournament! With $150 guaranteed prizes -- including $25 to the top brand-new unrated player -- you might kick your rating off with a bang!

And how would we forget our die-hards on National Chess Day?! On Saturday evening, every chess player is invited to the NCD Blitz Tournament -- $5 entry and only five minutes on your clock, for this fun nine-round Swiss event. Another $150 in prizes is guaranteed, handed out to our best Open, U1800 and U1500 players -- and whoever notches the night's biggest upset!