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New Club Ladder, Weekly Tourney Debut Tuesday


The Chess Club is launching some new programming starting on Tuesday, February 5. The Chess Club Ladder will now take place on Tuesday Nights ONLY, and in addition to standard ladder games, we'll be planning some fun ladder events on Tuesday nights to keep the ladder action exciting!

See below for a complete list of new ladder rules and prizes for February.

This Tuesday, the Chess Club also will be premiering a special tournament, which features one round every Tuesday night. Details for the Freezing Round Robin tournament are as follows:

  • G/70 with 5-second delay
  • One round per night every Tuesday in February (depending on size of field/number of entrants, event may last three additional weeks. Max size of round-robin groups is seven.) 
  • Round 1: First Tuesday in February (2/5/2013)
  • Register day of for $25 between 5pm and 6:30 p.m.
  • Round Robin groups will be formed on February 5, the day of the event. (Max number per group is seven players.)
  • Players will be grouped according to ratings.
  • Pairings for entire event will be determined prior to round 1.
  • Round begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evenings
  • Prizes: 1st: $100, 2nd: $75 based on seven-player group
  • For more details e-mail or speak with Alex Marler ( or Mike Kummer (


Club Ladder Rules[imagefield_assist|fid=16374|preset=fullsize|lightbox=true|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=220|height=400]

  1. Call 314.361.CHESS (2437) or e-mail to register. It's FREE!
  2. The Club Ladder is a form of competition where each player is assigned a position (rank). A lower number means higher rank on the ladder (better position.)
  3. The goal of the competition is to move up the ladder, potentially to the number one position (highest rank).
  4. Games played in the ladder are USCF rated and players must be members of the USCF. Entry to the ladder is free and prizes are sponsored by the club. Game from the ladder will be rated once per week.
  5. The Ladder Commissioner will approve all matchups. He will try and make the fairest matches possible.
  6. Players may challenge anyone, however all challenges must be approved by the Commissioner. Players may only compete against people rated within 400 points above or below their rating. See USCF Match Rules.
  7. Players must accept challenges approved by the commissioner, if they decline then they will drop 5 ladder spots.
  8. If player ‘b’, ranked 13 on the ladder, defeats player ‘c’, ranked 8 on the ladder, then player ‘b’ jumps to spot 8 and , and player ‘c’ drops down one spot to 9.
  9. In case of a draw, there will be no change to spots on the ladder.
  10. Inactivity drops a player one spot per week.
  11. A coin flip will be used to determine colors if the players have not competed against each other in the 2013 Ladder. If they competed against one another already, then they will alternate colors.
  12. Minimum time control is G/30 (no maximum)


Ladder Prizes for February 2013:

  • #1 on Ladder at the end of February: Free entry into Saint Louis Open($100 EF)
  • #2 on Ladder at the end of February: Free entry into Saint Louis Action Championship and free entry into FAQ
  • #3 on Ladder at the end of February: Free entry into Saint Louis Action Championship
  • #4 on Ladder at the end of February: Free entry into Saint Louis Action Championship
  • Most wins per month: Free entry into FAQ 
  • Biggest upset of month: Free entry into FAQ
  • Weekly Raffles: Free entry into FAQ (must be used by last Friday in March)