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November 2020 Chess Puzzle Answer Key

Puzzle 1: 2020 U.S. Championship

White: Ray Robson         Black: Hikaru Nakamura

Black to move - Find the only move that keeps the game equal



1. ..., Nd7!; 2. Be7, f6!; 3. fxg6, hxg6; 4. Bxf8, Rxf8 and black has a solid position though Nakamura went on to lose the game at this point the Naka has a equal position

if you played 1. ..., Nxe4,; white wins with 2. Rxe4, h5; 3. Qg5 going to h6 for a quick mate

if you played 1.  ..., bxc4; 2. Qh6, Ne6; white has the cruising rook lift  3, Rf3!(Re3 also works), Rab8; 4. Qxh7+, Kxh7; 5. Rh3+, Kg8; 6. Rh8++



Puzzle 2: 2020 U.S. Championship

White: Lenderman     Black: Elshan Moradiabadi

White to move



1 Bd5, Qb2; 2. Bxf7+, with a double attack to follow on d7

if 1. Bd5, Qb8 (or other similar moves that protect the black rook); 2. e6! and black will lose material and the game



Puzzles 3: 2020 U.S. Championship

White: Wesley So      Black: Jeffery Xiong

White to move - create a small advantage, avoid a draw



1. d6!, Rxb7; 2. d7, Rxd7; 3. Rxd7  and white is better with his extra material and eventually won the game

3...., f5; 4. Kd3, Be4+; 5. Ke3, g4; 6. Kf4, Kc6; 7. Rf7, Kd6; 8. Rxf5 1-0




Puzzle 4: 2020 U.S. Women's Championship

White: Emily Nguyen       Black: Martha Samadashvilli

Black to move



1. ..., Nf3+; 2. gxf3, Qg5+; 3. Kh1, Qh5; 4. Ne4, Bc7; 5. Ng3, Bxf3+; 6. Kg1, Bxg3




Puzzle 5: 2020. U.S. Senior Championship

White: Joel Benjamin       Black: Patick Wolff

White to move



1. Nc6+, Ka8; 2. Nxa7!, Bxa7; 3. b6, f5; 4. bxa7, f4; 5. Kb6, g5; 6. Kc6 and the white king is going to capture all the black pawns on the kingside  1-0