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November 7-9: The 2014 Saint Louis Thanksgiving Open

The 2014 Saint Louis Thanksgiving Open will feature the play of GM Walter Browne, as well a special clock simul and lecture by the six-time U.S. Champion.

One of the Saint Louis Chess Club’s premier Open events of the year is just around the corner -- don’t let the Thanksgiving Open sneak up on you! The fourth-annual ALS Benefit Tournament has been scheduled early this season, from November 7-9, 2014, allowing for a very special CCSCSL event at the end of the month.

The 2014 Thanksgiving Open guarantees a $4,000 unconditional prize fund, including a $1,000 top prize to its FIDE-rated Open section -- and the tournament field already features a very special guest! Registered alongside fellow-Grandmasters Ben Finegold and Fidel Corrales Jimenez is the legendary GM Walter Browne! Through his storied career, this six-time U.S. Champion was also an American king of the Open tournament, having won the National Open 11 times, the American Open 7 times, the World Open 3 times and the U.S. Open Championship twice.

Currently the reigning U.S. Senior Champion, Browne will compete in the 2014 Thanksgiving Open in early November and also make time for several special events for CCSCSL members, including a clock simul, strategic lecture and a limited-seat symposium on life as one of the nation’s premier chess players during the 1970’s “Fischer boom” of American chess.

Members who register early for the 2014 Saint Louis Thanksgiving Open receive a discount on entry fees, and cash prizes will payout across three sections: Open, U1800 and U1400 -- with the winner of each section qualifying for the 2015 CCSCSL Championship. Register in person at the CCSCSL front desk, by phone (314.361.CHESS) or online.

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