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Scholastic Invitational 2018 Results

In an effort to raise chess skill level in Saint Louis youths, the Saint Louis Chess Club (STLCC) implemented the Scholastic Chess Grand Prix to our monthly tournaments in order to award consistent tournament players last year. This year on Saturday, October 6, the STLCC added yet another incentive to young chess players by hosting its inaugural Scholastic Invitational Tournament to provide an opportunity for some high level scholastic competition.


The Invitational Tournament selected 16 of the top 2017-2018 Grand Prix finishers with a USCF rating above 1000. Since the competition is of a higher level than the standard Scholastic tournaments, the format was set for 4SS, G/45; d5. After 4 grueling rounds, the below winners were decided:

  1. Aahan Sharma
  2. Cole Tatro
  3. Aaradhya Panda

Scholastic Invitational Standings

More photos from this event available online