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Basis Policy Research Literature Review of Chess Studies

Remaining at the forefront of chess in education, the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis proudly introduces the Chess and Education Research Portal, a new repository of research that aims to advance exploration into the educational value of chess.

The CCSCSL recently commissioned Basis Policy Research to do a scholarly review of all available studies from the past four decades that relate to chess and education. The purpose of this comprehensive review is to help guide future research and delineate effective strategies for the implementation of chess into students’ educational experiences.

The CCSCSL actively offers chess to St. Louis students in a variety of settings, including after-school programs, in-school classes, chess camps and competitive environments -- all driven by the belief in the inherent educational benefits of chess. Through this Education Research Portal, we are excited to provide a forum for presentation of the many studies included in the main literary review, as well as providing starting point for future research activities through the Chess Club.