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Tournament Blog: Winners, Upsets, & More

Over the final weekend of January 2018, the Saint Louis Chess Club hosted an event called “Chess Like It Oughta Be”. The tournament was 5 rounds with a time control of Game in 40 minutes with a 5 second delay.

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Big Turnout, New Faces in 2017 Thanksgiving Open

On Thanksgiving weekend, a total 114 players (including seven Grandmasters) came to the Saint Louis Chess Club to compete for their share of $10,000. There were a lot of new faces in the Chess Club and lot of excitement in both sections (Open and U2000).

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Chicago vs. Memphis

On a beautiful Saturday in the U.S. Chess Capital, two teams from cities on the opposite spectrum of Interstate 270 ventured to the premier Saint Louis Chess Club. Ten players from Chicago took on ten players from Memphis in a double round robin USCF Blitz rated event.  In a double robin, each player faces each member of the opposing team twice (one game with white, one with black.)  The match consisted of a whopping 200 games.  The winner of the match would amass 100.5 game points.  


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Bill Wright Saint Louis Open: 5-way tie in the Open Section and Youngster Ye Wins U2000 Section

The 2017 edition of the Bill Wright Saint Louis Open shows the continued growth of chess in Saint Louis. The open section had a total of 22 participants, 36 being titled, which included 6 GM’s and 2 WGM’s. Although this year’s field wasn’t the largest we’ve ever had, it certainly was one of the most densely talented.

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2017 Saint Louis Winter Invitational

The Winter Norm Invitational was held at the Saint Louis Chess Club from February 16-21. The norm tournaments have become a Club highlight, for they provide an excellent opportunity for players seeking their Grand Master (GM) and International Master (IM) norms.

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Match of the Millennials


America’s Most Talented Juniors Challenge the World to a Chess Match

Five prominent chess organizations are partnering to bring the Match of the Millennials to Saint Louis

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Sinquefield Cup Brings Grandmasters to St. Louis

Executive Director, Tony Rich, tells his story

I remember the first time I met a chess Grandmaster. It was the winter of 1999, and GM Sergey Kudrin came through Saint Louis to play against dozens of people at the same time. With just a couple hundred Grandmasters in the world, this was a rare opportunity for amateur players to match wits with a chess professional.

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From the Broadcast Desk of GM Alejandro Ramirez: Kasparov Still Has It

By GM Alejandro Ramirez 

I remember it rather clearly, though it was over ten years ago. I hadn't moved yet to America, and at that point I wasn't even sure that I would. I was sitting in my bedroom back in Costa Rica, watching the Topalov-Kasparov game. Kasparov would win Linares even if he lost, which he did... quite typical actually, Kasparov dominating a tournament. And then the news broke out: Kasparov was retiring.

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Give to Saint Louis on May 5 and Help Spread the Game of Chess!

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis is excited to be a part of Give STL Day, a 24-hour giving event that brings together nearly 800 nonprofit organizations from around the Saint Louis area! 

The giving period is Tuesday May 5 only, and we hope to have your support in pushing our scholastic initiative to over 5,000 Saint Louis area students, while setting a national example of the social and educational values of chess.

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Regular CCSCSL Programming Continues During U.S. Championships; April Knights Registration Now Open

All of the CCSCSL’s regular weekly programming will stay current during the 2015 U.S. Championships, except for the Sunday afternoon kids classes. That means another installment of our Monthly Knights tournament, which pairs players with one game a week every Wednesday evening for a Swiss tournament that lasts the whole month long!

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