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Building on Experience at the September Kids' Beginner Tournament

Nearly 30 students visited the Chess Club to compete in September’s Unrated Beginner Tournament for Kids -- most of whom came for Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan’s fun and educational weekly Kids Class, and were eager to show off some newfound knowledge.

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Ronit Rolls at Summer Slam Bash

The Summer Slam Bash kicked off the Chess Club’s Summer Scholastic Tournament Series. A total of 22 kids in grades K-8 competed for the nine different trophies. 

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On Chess: Hall Of Fame Brings Chess To New Audiences

This story was originally posted on on March 12.

On Tuesday, USA Today published a story that outlined everything “hip and happening” in St. Louis.

Not surprisingly, the World Chess Hall of Fame got a nod. Wait. What? Not surprising, you say?

If the idea that chess is hip and happening is foreign to you, then I assume you still have the antiquated stereotype of the pocket protector-wearing übergeek ingrained in your mind.

But times they are a-changin’ my friends.

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