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Simplify into a Winning Endgame | Strategy Session with Jonathan Schrantz

Jonathan Schrantz looks at endgames where a player must determine the result if the last remaining major and minor pieces are liquidated. Calculation here must be incredibly precise.

Luke McShane vs Vladimir Potkin, Bundesliga (2011/12)
Nigel Short vs Ivan Cheparinov, Corus Group B (2008)

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Two Knights Defense with 4. Ng5 | Chess Openings Explained

Dennis LaRue takes away the trickery of the "Fried Liver" attack and looks at the best ways to play the Two Knights Defense for both sides. An alternate name for the defense is the Chigorin Counterattack.

C58 Two knights defence

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Leinier Domínguez vs. Ildar Ibragimov, 2012 | Games to Know by Heart - GM Elshan Moradiabadi

Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi looks at a modern classic in the advance French Defense: Cuba's Domínguez Perez vs. the USA's Ildar Ibragimov in the 2012 Russian Team Championships.

Leinier Dominguez Perez vs Ildar Ibragimov, Russian Team Championships (2012): C02 French, advance, Paulsen attack

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