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From Elementary to High School: First SLPS District-Wide Tournament A Success

Wednesday, February 21st, marked the first ever St. Louis Public School’s (SLPS) district-wide chess tournament. Over 100 SLPS students gathered at The Moto Museum for friendly competition and bragging rights.

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St. Louis Public Schools

Mentee Chess Tournament

On February 10, 2018, the Nu Chi Foundation, with the support of the Brothers of Omega Psi Phi-Nu Chi Chapter, hosted a Mentee Chess Tournament.

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Mind Sport Mashup: Learning from Robotics and Chess

When I was at the St. Louis Student Robotics Association’s “Mind Sport Mashup,” I got the opportunity to play an amazing chess player.  I had a very fun experience playing the Grandmaster from the Saint Louis Chess Club; even though he was significantly more skilled than me, I still think I put up a pretty good fight. All fun aside, when I saw that there was going to be a robotics and chess expo at SLU, I started thinking about how robotics and chess were related.

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Columbia Elementary's Chess Journey

Last school year, Columbia Elementary welcomed the Saint Louis Chess Club into their school by way of a single instructor, who is referred to with endearment as Queen Thomas.  With an everyday assignment of sharing chess with grades 1-6, Queen Thomas and the school began their journey together.

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Teaching Chess in Schools with a Touch of Gold

Preparing to teach chess classes in schools can be daunting, so here are three ideas that helped me. 

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Chess in Cuba - The Universal Language

I had the good fortune to visit Havana Cuba in May of 2017. Part of our visit included donating school supplies and other items to an elementary school in Centro Habana. Chess sets and boards donated by the Saint Louis Chess Club generated the most excitement by far.

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Bulgarian-American Chess Camp

During July, were the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis [CCSCSL] to have a motto; certainly it would be “The Summer of Chess”. Indeed, we might say that it is the Summer of Youth Chess.

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Benefits of Chess to Family Court – Juvenile Division

Mr. Chen [Scholastic Coordinator], I wanted to take a moment and mention our appreciation of your efforts on our behalf here at the Family Court in the City of St. Louis. We are filled with gratitude over the generosity that the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) has shown the Family Court – Juvenile Division.

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TURN and TALK – Teaching the Teacher

These words become increasingly clear every time I step into the classroom, but never from the same perspective.  When I first started teaching, my own understanding of the core mathematics content grew in part because I had to readily explain the material to many different kinds of learners and learning styles.

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As the students at Lexington Elementary and I sat down together to register for a new chess website, it was immediately apparent that this opportunity to incorporate technology into our curriculum would positively impact my chess instruction in the classroom.

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