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Scholastic Tournament Blog: 2018 March Madness

By Tony Chen, Scholastic Coordinator


During the end of March, many families flock to various tropical destinations for Spring Break; however, 185 dedicated chess players congregated for battle over the chess board on Saturday, March 24, on the SLU Campus. “Madness” is the perfect word to describe the day, due to numerous upsets in every section. After four strenuous rounds, the winners were picked below.


The Saint Louis Chess Club would like to thank all the players, parents, coaches, and community partners that make our monthly tournaments a success. Please join us next month for our last Grand Prix series tournament, Spring Fever, on Saturday, April 14, at Webster Groves High School.


K-6 Open Standings

K-6 Open Team Standings

K-6 U400 Standings

K-6 U400 Team Standings

K-12 Open Standings

K-12 Open Team Standings

K-12 U1000 Standings

K-12 U1000 Team Standings


K-12 Open

K-12 U1000

K-6 Open

K-6 U400


1. Prakash    


1. Luca Lane

1. Tarun Haribasker

1. Daniel Wang

2. Jenna Song

2. David


2. Iovane


2. Devon Conn

3. Cole Tatro

3. Joseph Streit

3. Zachary Barrett

3. Nadya Loban


1. GF Chess Club

1. Argo Chess   


1. Ladue Middle

1. GF Chess Club

2. Rock Bridge High

2. Gateway   


2. Babler Elementary

2. South Shores  


3. Hixon Middle

3. GF Chess Club

3. Spoede   


3. Argo Chess Club

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