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Scholastic Tournament Blog: 2018 Summer Showdown

By Tony Chen, Scholastic Coordinator


June marks the beginning of summer and our scholastic tournaments are a way for students to escape the heat. Along with the blistering weather, the Summer Showdown chess tournament scorched the scholastic chess scene as 166 players from all over the country gathered to duke it out. After four rounds of grueling matches, the top players (below) took the top awards. To top everything off, Grandmaster Alexander Ipatov assisted in tournament directing and award presentations.



The Saint Louis Chess Club would like to thank all the players, parents, coaches, and community partners that make our monthly tournaments a success. Please join us next month for our July tournament, Squares & Stripes, Saturday, July 28 at Il Monastero Banquet Center on SLU campus.

K-12 Open

K-6 Open

K-3 Open

1. Wilson Gao

1. Shrey Radhakrishnan

1. Adam Jiang

2. Jenna Song

2. Felix Zhang

2. Ryan Erdman

3. Nolan Ottele

3. Sreehari Nair

3. Ilia Sakhelashvili