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VIDEOs: Interviews with the Players

Interview with Varuzhan Akobian:

Varuzhan Akobian squares off against America's greatest chess players in the US Chess Championship 2009 at the new Chess Club and Scholastic Center Saint Louis. Recently featured on MTV's "I'm a Genius!" and starting his own designer apparel line "Endgame" Akobian is keeping himself busy on and off the board. An exciting player we wish him the best as he seeks to redefine public opinion of professional chess players.

Interview with Joel Benjamin

GM Joel Benjamin is no stranger to the US Chess Championship. He holds several records for the tournament including most draws, most consecutive appearances (over 20!) and is closing in on most wins. Joel is a member of the US Chess Hall of Fame, creates educational videos for the Internet Chess Club and was on IBM Deep Blue development team that beat Gary Kasparov.

Interview with Alexander Onischuk

GM Alexander Onischuk sits down with ICC's John Henderson to discuss the championship, chess, and relaxing at and away from tournaments.

Interview with Yury Shulman

GM Yury Shulman sat down with the Internet Chess Club's John Henderson to discuss tournament life, being defending champion and the state of chess in America.