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2021 Saint Louis Corporate Chess League: Hybrid Fall #1

The Corporate Chess League kicks off its hybrid Fall league! For the first time, the League presents a return to in-person play, as well as an online-at-home option. Join NM Caleb Denby for the move-by-move. At the end. Caleb will select the best game, and the winner will receive a "special gift!"


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Decision-Making in Chess | Grandmaster's Choice - NM Caleb Denby

National Master Caleb Denby teaches a class on decision-making in chess! The mysterious masked Caleb talks about his process and why it sometimes works, and why he may wind up making the wrong decision.

Caleb Denby vs Safal Bora, 2021: D86 Gruenfeld, exchange, classical variation
Denby vs ???, 2021: D06 Queen's Gambit

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