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Match of the Millennials


America’s Most Talented Juniors Challenge the World to a Chess Match

Five prominent chess organizations are partnering to bring the Match of the Millennials to Saint Louis

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Match of the Millennials

GM Blog: PRO Chess League - Week 6

During Week 6 of the official PRO Chess League, the Saint Louis Arch Bishops faced the only team with a perfect score, the San Diego Surfers. These elite teams were closely matched and saw a tied score all the way until the final round.

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2017 Saint Louis Winter Invitational: Day 5

Jonathan Schrantz challenges you to find the best move. Find a mate or win material with pins, forks, skewers, and more. If you find a good move, see if you can find an even better one.


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2017 Saint Louis Winter Invitational: Day 4

Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan dissects an endgame from the Club's Saturday Night Special on March 4. FM Justus Williams had white against WCM Thalia Cervantes.

Justus Williams vs. Thalia Cervantes, 2017: D11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 3.Nf3

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2017 Saint Louis Winter Invitational: Day 2

Jonathan Schrantz shows you how to play the Leningrad variation of the Dutch Defence, an opening rarely seen in top level play. In this second part, learn the 7...c6 branch.

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The Dangerous Danish Gambit | Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz substitutes for the grandmaster in the debut of this viewer submission lecture. See a game where a player resigned in an engine-declared superior position at the 2016 Wisconsin Memorial.

Corey A Larson vs. Timothy N Trachok, 2016: A57 Benko gambit
Emily Trask as white, 2017: B20 Sicilian defence

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Positional Sacrifices | Kids' Class - GM Denes Boros

Catherine Leberg and Ryan Chester show their horrible mistakes in games they've played online. Have you done worse? This video is meant for children and beginners of all ages. Not for advanced players!


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Vladimir Kramnik's Best Endgames | Endgame Exclam!! - GM Denes Boros

Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian shows two of his endgames from the 2017 Gibraltar Chess Festival. Find the methods Var used in only slightly better positions.

Eesha Karavade vs Varuzhan Akobian, Tradewise Gibraltar (2017)
Pere Garriga Cazorla vs Varuzhan Akobian, Tradewise Gibraltar (2017)

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