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The King Hunt - FM Sunil Weeramantry

FIDE Master Sunil Weeramantry shows two games where a king is “pulled” into opposing territory to be checkmated. See a game he played as a kid in 1963, and a win by his stepson Hikaru Nakamura.

Sunil Weeramantry vs. Fiaccabrino, 1963: C53 Giuoco Piano, close variation
Michal Vladimirovich Krasenkow vs Hikaru Nakamura, Casino de Barcelona (2007)

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2019 U.S. Chess Championships: Final Recap

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley recaps the finish to the U.S. Chess Championships. Hikaru Nakamura is the king again, while Jennifer Yu has won her first U.S. Women's title.


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